How antimatter is created

Knowledge of the structure of matter with which all things are made has preoccupied man since ancient times. In 1928, the British physicist Pablo Dirac, while working with equations (mathematical calculations) that corresponded to the energy of the particles, deduced a disturbing theory: that a corresponding antiparticle could exist for each particle, creating the concept of antimatter.

Steps to follow:

1. The concept of antimatter was very controversial for many centuries and science refused to accept it, but it was finally accepted due to the mathematical necessity that things develop that way. And in recent years, despite how elusive these strange antiparticles are, reliable evidence of their plausibility has emerged.

2. The history of antimatter goes back many years but it was not until the physicist Dirac while working with mathematical calculations that corresponded to the energy of the particles, that he deduced the theory that there could be an antiparticle for each particle. Thus, he created the surprising theory of antimatter. Detailed studies of cosmic radiation demonstrate the existence of this theoretical particle.

3. Although the word atom means that it cannot be divided, today it is known that it is made up of particles: the nucleus and electrons. But in the nucleus, there are protons and neutrons, and in these there is an internal structure. The cloud chamber or Wilson chamber has been a valuable aid for studying the trajectory of particles and studying their energy, which led to the theory of antimatter.

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