How is the Nasal Cavity?

The nasal cavity is divided by the nasal septum into right and left nostrils. The nasal cavity opens behind, through the choanas, in the nasal portion of the pharynx. Below we explain what the nasal cavity is like, function of the nasal cavity and characteristics.

How is the nasal cavity?

The nasal cavity looks somewhat like an isosceles triangle in the frontal section. Each fossa has a medial or septal wall, a lateral wall, a roof, and a floor. With the exception of the roof, the walls of the nostrils are covered by respiratory mucosa (red pituitary).

Parts of the nasal cavity

The floor of the nostril is formed mainly by the maxilla; back the palatine bone is located. The medial wall of the nostril is the nasal septum shared by both nostrils; the septum is cartilaginous in the anterior zone and bony towards the posterior zone, formed by the vomer bone and the perpendicular lamina of the ethmoid.

Function of the nostril

Thanks to the nostrils, the air that enters our lungs is humid and warm, thanks to the hairs. These hairs also help prevent foreign particles from entering the respiratory system, since they act by blocking their passage. Also, as we all know (especially in winter or when it is very cold), the nostrils are responsible for expelling what bothers the respiratory system, through mucus.

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