How the heart works

The heart is one of the most important organs of the human being, the heart is made up of several parts. Where the characteristic properties and reacts as if it were a single fiber. A property of the heart is its automatism, that is, the possibility of contracting itself at a given rate, without the need for external stimuli. The size of the heart is equivalent to the first of a person and weighs, on average, about 330 grams in the adult. Below we explain how the heart works, how it works and the mechanism of this very important organ, the heart.

Steps to follow:

1. Inside the right atrium there is a group of cells or sinus nodule, made up of a special muscle tissue that, like nervous tissue, has automaticity, that is, it is capable of generating the heartbeat and setting its rhythm.

2. The circulation of blood is possible due to the contraction movements of the heart, which drive the blood towards the lungs to purify it, through its right atrium and ventricle (it is what is called small circulation), and the whole organism through its left atrium and ventricle (great circulation).

3. Like the great circulation, it has an extensive route, it requires greater effort from this organ, this left part is thicker and more muscular than the right.

4. To propel blood into the body, the heart simply acts as a propellant pump, pushing the fluid into the vessels. In this case, the heart contracts: it is what is called systole; by relaxing, at rest, it allows the blood to fill it: this is called diastole.

5. The work of the heart, that is, the alternating and uninterrupted succession of systoles and diastoles, can be appreciated by taking the pulse, or by pressing a peripheral artery (for example, in the wrist) with two fingers. The heart pumps between 7000 and 8000 liters daily.

6. In a day the heart beats about 120,000 times: each cardiac cycle lasts 0.8 seconds: 0.3 seconds corresponds to systoles and 0.5 to diastole. This is why the heart works for about 10 hours and rests for 14 hours.

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