How to change my car battery

Do you feel that your car has a hard time starting ? Do you lack power when climbing hills or higher areas? If your vehicle shows signs of this type of failure, you will probably have to change the battery . It goes without saying that there is always the possibility that you can go to your trusted mechanic to have it replaced, but if you want to save money , in one of the ways we explain how to change the battery in my car in order to do the repair yourself.

Steps to follow:

1. Before checking the appearance of the battery, you must turn off all the contacts of the car to isolate the engine and prevent any type of electric shock. In addition, try to be in an isolated place with good ventilation to avoid poisoning due to the substances that are released in the engine (fuel, oil, coolants)

2. If the battery has scratches, bumps or cracks , the diagnosis is final: you will have to change it.

If, on the contrary, it looks impeccable but the problems persist, it may be a problem in the terminals or terminals , that is, the buttons with the positive and negative symbols to which the alternator cables are hooked. If they are rusted , they may hinder the flow of current in the engine and therefore the car loses power. If that is the case, clean the terminals or clean the terminals and recheck how it circulates. If the problem persists, it is time to change the battery.

3. Time to get the problem out of your engine. To do this, take a fixed wrench and first remove the negative terminal (the one that is anchored to the black cable) and then the positive terminal (red). Never remove the red first, as a small explosion may occur. When removing them make sure to leave them separated from each other and, if possible, covered by some type of insulating material.

4. After completing this step, you can use the key to undock the battery clips and remove it from the vehicle . It is advisable that, before inserting a replacement, clean the terminals and the tray where it is fitted with hot water or some type of degreaser.

5. Before installing our new battery, there are a few factors when choosing it and, if we do not want to make a mistake, the smartest thing to do is carefully read the manufacturer’s manual that is given to us when we buy our car, which will specify the size, the compatible brands or the reserve capacity of our original battery. Based on these parameters, we can acquire a new one in any large warehouse that has an engine section, with standard prices of between 80 and 200 euros.

6. Now that we have the piece at home, it is time to install it. We will place it in the tray in which the original battery was fitted, making sure that each terminal is in its correct position. First, with a spanner, we will anchor the positive terminal to the positive terminal, and the negative terminal to its corresponding terminal. Make sure the fixation is secure and you already have a brand new replacement!

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