How to choose a name for my business

It may be the first thing that comes to mind when setting up a business, or maybe you already have all the paperwork prepared and only need that final detail. But the truth is that in one way or another, the name you choose for your commercial brand will largely determine its success, and hence its importance. If you need to know where to start, here we explain how to choose the name for your business properly.

Steps to follow:

1. It is important that the name of your business is catchy. People have to be able to remember it and distinguish it from other company names.

2. Take into account that the name is adapted to the mother tongue of the target market. As far as possible, try to use names adapted to the phonetics of the market you are targeting. If it’s a foreign or made-up word, at least the spelling and pronunciation don’t sound strange.

3. Avoid acronyms, punctuation marks, and strange symbols. First of all, readability, especially if it is a new brand. Some graphic embellishments may be fine in your logo design, but the name should be as easy to read as possible.

4. Be careful with the numbers. Included in the trade name can be misleading and sometimes it does not help the least to remember it, especially if it is the trade name of similar products.

If it is used in the name of a business, that is at least because it is justified and has a special meaning. For example, that the business is linked to an important date or is used to highlight the age of a company with many years of establishment. In that case it can also be used in the slogan or as part of the commercial logo, instead of in the name of the business itself.

5. Remember that the name for your business should be short and concise. The rule of thumb is that a single word is better than two, and two are better than three. The shorter, the easier to remember, it’s that simple.

6. Descriptive. If possible, it is convenient that you also describe the type of activity of the company, since this is providing valuable information to the potential client.

7. Take into account the name you choose for your business should not sound bad or have strange connotations. There are few things worse for a trademark than an offensive, misleading, or unintentionally laughter name. If you are dealing with a company with business aspirations abroad, you should be careful to check that the name does not sound strange in other countries. There will be those who think that this phenomenon at least gives an extra publicity to the commercial name, but it does not compensate because at the same time it makes the image of the company lose seriousness.

8. Available and the final step, that no other company in the same sector has come up with the same name as you before and has it registered. You can consult it online at the Consultation Service of the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office.

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