How to clean a dog’s ears

The hygiene of a dog’s ears throughout its life is vital in caring for its health and, therefore, we must check its ears frequently and wash them when necessary. With a correct cleaning of the ears, we make sure that our faithful companion does not have diseases and that the simple problems to treat are not complicated.

If you want to offer good care to your pet but you don’t know how to take care of his ears, keep reading this article in which we explain step by step how to clean a dog’s ears.

Steps to follow:

1. It is very important that in the routine we have with our dog we incorporate the inspection of the ears and ears. Thus, in addition to seeing when it is necessary to wash the ears of a dog, we can also observe any indication that there may be otitis, a lump or other problem. In this case, we must go to our trusted veterinarian as soon as possible in order to start the appropriate treatment and avoid possible complications.

To start taking care of the dog’s ears correctly, you should observe them and feel them on the outside to detect if there is the presence of parasites or any lump. Next, look at the ear and make sure that no parasites or lumps are visible and that the wax present is not excessive or too dark. In case of detecting any of these things it is better that you go to the vet, since the excess of dark wax is an indicator to know that your dog has otitis.

2. To wash a dog’s ears, either by routine or because you detect that there is too much dirt, you will need to gather all the necessary material. Cleaning the ears of a dog with saline is one of the most common ways to do it, but you can also use hydrogen peroxide, olive oil or specific drops for the ears of dogs, which you will find in veterinary centers or in specialized stores for pets.

3. Remember that if your dog is not used to it or it moves a lot, it is better that when cleaning its ears, you do it between two people: one to clean the ears and the other to hold its body and head. In cases where the dog becomes very nervous, we must try to do it faster but always carefully. It is very important that the dog does not move a lot so that we do not hurt its ears.

4. Once you have the necessary material and your faithful friend calm, follow these steps to learn how to clean a dog’s ears, starting with the outer part of the ear:

  1. Remove the hair from your pet’s ear so that you can see the inside of the pinna and the ear well.
  2. Moisten a sterile gauze with saline solution, hydrogen peroxide or special drops for the dogs’ ears, which will clean without irritating the ear.
  3. Wrap your finger in the gauze and clean the outermost part of the ear, where there are several grooves in which dirt easily collects.

5. When the outermost part of your fury’s ears is clean, proceed to wash them a little more thoroughly. Different gauze should be used for each one and for each part of these, thus avoiding possible health problems. You follow these instructions for a more thorough cleaning of your dog’s ears:

  • Change the gauze and wet it again with the liquid you have chosen to wash your fury’s ears.
  • Wrap your finger with the gauze and insert your finger into the dog’s ear for a maximum of 1cm, never again as you can cause damage to the ear.
  • Massage the ear gently and gently remove the dirt from the grooves.
  • If you think there is a lot of dirt, then choose to put 3 or 4 drops of physiological saline directly into your pet’s ear and gently massage the ears from the outside.
  • When you stop massaging your dog, it will shake its head and, in this way, the dirt will move towards the outside, facilitating the cleaning of your partner’s ears.

6. If you think there are some areas that you have not been able to reach well with the gauze and your fingers, you can use cotton swabs to finish cleaning the dirt from the grooves of the ear. It is very important that the swabs are indicated for babies, as they are thicker and, in this way, we make sure not to damage the ear to our dog.

7. In addition, to accustom him and make him understand that when he is calm during this process it is a desirable behavior for us, during and when we finish cleaning his ears, we should reward him. Positive reinforcement is one of the best ways to get your pet to get used to different things and washing his ears is one of the times to which we must most accustom them.

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