How to clean the car engine

The cleaning of the engine of our car is a maintenance task that we must make every two years if the primary use of the vehicle is city or annual basis in the event that circulemos often through mountainous areas, as there are more possibilities of elements such as leaves, mud or dirt being introduced.

Excessive dust on the engine can cause clogged radiator and subsequent cooling problems. A dirty engine will also have more obstacles to dissipate heat, so its general operation will not be optimal. Here explain step by step how to clean the car engine.

Steps to follow:

1. Whether we choose to clean the car’s engine with a simple brush, or if we prefer to use pressurized water – something almost essential if we often take the vehicle on dirt roads – the engine must be cold.

2. In the event that the car is not very dirty, it will be enough that we use a brush or a brush to remove the excess dust. In addition, we can spray the engine with one of the many products that we will find in specialized stores for dry cleaning.

With a chamois, we can apply more force in areas where the action of the brush or brush has not been enough.

3. The alternative for engines that are dirtier is cleaning with pressure water, although not all cars support it, so we must first consult the manual of our car.

4. When we have confirmed that we can wash the car engine with pressurized water, we have to cover the alternator and other electrical parts with plastics secured with adhesive tape.

5. With the car cold, we apply the water under pressure on the engine, avoiding those electrical parts covered by plastics and focusing on the areas that we detect that have more dirt.

6. Once the water has been applied, we can start the engine and let it idle (minimum number of revolutions) for a few minutes so that the heat helps us dry the area completely before starting off.

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