How to combine the Sweatpants

This season has become fashionable trend, both male and female, sweatpants.

So there are many men who are betting on this new look. Sweatpants are already in most men’s wardrobes. So, you can choose to combine them in different ways.

With what clothes you can combine your Sweatpants

Now that the weather is cooler, you can choose to wear your basic sweatpants. 

The sport trend is still booming, so it is a safe bet to use them, either to go shopping or to go for a drink.

Sweatpants can be combined in many ways. While they are certainly not considered to fall into the formal wear category, looks can be created to suit different dress codes or occasions.

The sweatpants are by nature a sportswear. But you can make it casual if you can combine it properly with t-shirts or hoodies. But this is the simplest combination …

Sweatpants will also allow you to create casual looks with denim jackets and shirts, rugby-type or with parkas.

It all depends on the fabric with which the pants are made and how risky you want your look. You don’t have to wear them with running shoes. They look great, too, with sporty and basic footwear. I do not recommend at all that you combine them with moccasins or nautical, you would be tempting your luck a lot …

A combination that is gaining more and more followers is that of a sweat pants with a biker jacket. Combining soft, comfortable sweatpants with a sturdy leather jacket will give you a more athletic and contemporary look.

Another very successful combination is to use them together with a shirt and a sweater. If the colors are gray, blue and green, so much the better.

These types of pants are so versatile that they can even be combined with a blazer or blazer. Part formal, part relaxed. This unique combination creates a most striking appearance. But for this look to work, you’ll need to keep the color palette dark or neutral, and the jacket won’t be too structured. Instead of a dress shirt, opt for a casual shirt or knitwear.

The dress shirts, alone, also work well with a sports pants. It is ideal for creating a smart casual look. opt for a long-sleeved Oxford shirt that is a bit baggy for a more elegant look.

How to get your sweatpants right

Keep your look casual and relaxed.

For a standout look, look for designer labels.

Look for different layer combinations to mix up your look.

Add some sparkle to your look with a slim silhouette.

When pairing sweatpants with a jacket, go for short styles, like a bomber, biker, or denim jacket.

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