How to cut a puppy’s nails

Cutting a puppy’s nails can be an arduous task, since they are usually quite restless and could hurt themselves, however it is a necessary task to prevent them from breaking, since it can be painful or could even cause an infection, generating pain the animal, which will result in an irritable and aggressive attitude on the part of it. Remember that puppies must be more careful than an older dog, so you will not only have to take care of their nails but also other aspects such as cleaning their ears, eyes and brushing their teeth. If you want to know how to cut a puppy’s nails, keep reading this article and we’ll show you.

Steps to follow:

  1. The first step to know how to cut your puppy’s nails is to take him to a veterinarian, if this is the first time you are going to do it, it is recommended that a professional do it, in this way you can have a clearer vision of the technique you should take out and avoid possible damage to the legs of this.
  2. Get a special nail clipper. Forget about cutting your puppy’s nails with scissors or other utensils that are not specially designed for him, since you will cut them improperly and may even break them. Remember that your nails are much harder, so using devices that are ideal for this will end up damaging the surface, weakening it. There are different sizes, so buy the one that best suits your puppy.

3. Inside the dog’s nail there is a vascular tissue where arteries, veins and nerves are found, this is the point where great care must be taken not to hurt it, since if we cut in that place the nail will bleed. It is much easier to identify it in dogs with white nails, since where you see a pink area, it means that blood is circulating and it will delimit very well where you should make the cut. For nails of a color in which it is more difficult to see this limit, we suggest that you make cuts horizontally.

4. Before you start cutting your puppy’s nails it is important to have all the utensils at hand. These will be:

  • Nail clipper.
  • Hydrogen peroxide or some astringent powder, in case it bleeds.

Wait until your dog is calm to carry out this procedure, but make him feel comfortable, that is, prepare some treats or foods that you know he likes so that he feels relaxed. In this way, the animal will not associate this process with something to be afraid of, you should also keep calm, remember that the animal perceives your state of mind and this can influence. If you feel unsure about cutting them, take the animal to a specialist.

5. If you have cut the part of vascular tissue, do not worry, although the nail will bleed, it does not mean that something serious is going to happen to your puppy. What you should do is press a gauze pad on the bleeding area for a few minutes and disinfect with hydrogen peroxide or astringent powder, in this way you will avoid the proliferation of bacteria.

6. It is important to remember that the nails must be cut in small breeds and generally in dogs that have little weight, since they wear them less. On the other hand, if your puppy has an outdoor space to be in, you should not worry about his nails, since they will wear out naturally.

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