How to decorate a double room

Decorating a double room is not an easy task. Combining the tastes and preferences of two people and, above all, overcoming the differences between a man and a woman, managing to create a comfortable and practical environment for both, is a challenge. In this article we give you some useful tips on how to decorate a double bedroom.

Steps to follow:

1. The key to all decoration is that both of you always agree before making a decision, however minimal it may seem, remember that the room belongs to both of you and both of you must be in agreement with the decoration.

2. The most advisable thing is to opt for neutral colors and earth tones since they are what we can consider as “intermediate” in the palette of feminine and masculine colors. In addition, these colors are perfect to create a relaxing and cozy atmosphere like that required in a bedroom.

3. When choosing the double bed, it would be ideal for you to choose the widest bed possible, since they are the ones that offer greater comfort, of course you must also take into account the dimensions of the bedroom since it is not the best option for small rooms.

4. A contemporary option is to opt for two single beds, modern marriages ensure that it is an alternative that offers better rest and that it is not related to relationship problems.

5. Each one should have a bedside table or a personal chest of drawers so that each one can maintain their privacy and the privacy of their accessories. It is also important that both of you have their own place in the closet so that you can organize your clothes and avoid clutter and confusion.

6. The decoration of a double bedroom also needs a romantic touch, so it would be ideal if you add warmth to the room through textiles and good lighting.

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