How to decorate a party with balloons

At any party worth its salt, good balloons always give a very happy touch and delight the little ones. In addition, they are perfect to use in a multitude of combinations, giving it a little imagination. If you don’t want to limit yourself to blowing up a few balloons and scattering them on the floor, here we give you some suggestions on how to decorate a party with balloons.

Steps to follow:

1. Confetti. A very simple idea that will take you very little time and that stands out a lot is to put confetti or pieces of paper inside the balloons, if possible transparent. It goes without saying that the time for fun comes when in the middle of the party it’s time to break them and all the confetti is spread among the guests.

2. Balloonoflexia. They give a very nice and decorative touch to children’s parties, and also serve to create new toys. If you are not good at making them yourself, there are companies that sell self-inflating kits, like the one in the photo. That is not for lack of alternatives!

3. Tied to the chairs. The trick here is to get the balloons to stay in suspension, for which you will have to inflate them with helium. With a cord you tie them to the chairs, which can also be personalized with the names of each guest.

4. Bows. They are a classic that never fails in balloon decoration. Most companies that organize parties include it as a service, although if you want to set it up on your own and don’t know how, there are countless tutorials on YouTube and similar pages. It takes patience and some time, but the result is definitely worth it.

5. Water balloons. If you want a cool party in summer and passed by water, what better than to use some water balloons. You can hang them with a rope clamp or a clothesline, if you have one in the garden, and then use them as an arsenal in the balloon war that is sure to follow.

6. Animal faces. A simpler solution than modeling figures with balloons can be to draw faces with markers or by gluing paper and cardboard. The possibilities are endless, from the typical animals to the fashionable superheroes, it all depends on the tastes of the little host and, of course, on the skill we have with crafts.

7. Paratroopers. Another idea to decorate a children’s party is to turn the balloons into parachutes for toy figures. There are two variants: if you inflate the balloons with helium, they can be permanently fixed to the ceiling, as a decoration. If your lung inflates them, you can play to throw them from a high floor or a ladder.

8. Aquatic lights. If your party is at night, a good idea to decorate it is to place LED lights or a glow stick (light stick) inside the balloons to achieve a subdued and elegant lighting, you are sure to surprise. You can get different shades of light depending on the color of the LED and the balloon itself, so you know, you can try combinations until you find the one you like the most.

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