How to decorate a small hall


The hall is the main business card to your home. It should be the first declaration of intentions of what your home is. But it is also a difficult room to decorate due to the lack of windows and natural light. Normally the hallways are usually small, so here we leave you several tricks to decorate your hall with a personal and exclusive touch.

Steps to follow:

1. First of all, stop and think about your hall, in all the space you have. There are many fantastic, modern and specially designed auxiliary furniture and accessories. But what you have to study is how you are going to get the most out of that room. First, decorate only with the essentials and if you see that more things fit, you will add them.

2. What are the essentials in the hall?

In the absence of natural light, a good source of artificial light but with a touch of color and joy that enlivens the environment. Do not worry because you have lamps of all kinds, from ceiling lamps that do not take up space to table or floor lamps. Now you can find modern designs with surprising materials. For example, if you are concerned about the environment, opt for ecological lamps such as those from Lzf that are made from wood.

3. Then buy the coat rack. We recommend that in small hallways you opt for wall racks because they take up less space. But if you have corners or blind spots, you can choose the standing coat racks. Of course, reserve the most voluminous for larger spaces. The coat racks are comfortable to leave outdoor clothing and accessories in an orderly and neat way. Forget wrinkles!

4. When you have the coat rack, buy a mirror. My advice is to make it as large as possible to see you full-length. So, you can check your appearance before going out. But don’t forget that mirrors have another valuable utility in hallways, which is to give a greater sense of space. They improve the lighting and therefore the hall will appear larger.

5. After the mirror, we like to decorate with a console, that is, a small high table or surface where to leave a bowl with keys or the mail that you have just collected. The ideal console for small hallways is one that is narrow and modern in style, that is, that decorates but is practical.

6. Another element that you can add are the umbrella stands. Very useful in the rainy season. You also protect the floor from stains of water drops, the typical trail that you leave until you reach the bathroom or kitchen. The umbrella stands are also treated to collect that water without damaging the floor.

7. From here you can add everything you want according to your tastes and, above all, capacity. Designer rugs, pictures for the walls, a chair or armchair, etc.

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