How to define biceps without weights

Not everyone has the ability to get fit at the gym. Whether due to lack of time, resources or because there is no nearby gym, there are people who must choose to exercise at home. To this day, even at home we can have professional equipment, however, not all of us have the necessary equipment to do it.

This should not be used as an excuse, since there are many exercises to muscle the biceps without using weights or dumbbells, how? Very easy, using the weight of our own body. In this way we will be able to tone the muscles of the arms; triceps, biceps, shoulder and forearms with great results. If you want to know how to do it, in the following article we will explain how to define biceps without weights.

Biceps without material: dips or dippings

To do this exercise you will not need any type of material apart from a chair, armchair or bench, a towel or mat and your own body. Forget about dumbbells, machines and weights in order to increase the strength, volume and tone of your arms.

This exercise is known as dippings or dips and it involves sitting in front of a bench or chair with your back supported on it. Starting from this position, you should place the palm of your hands on the bench or chair, at the height of your hips, and semi-flex your legs forward. The exercise tries to gently bend the elbows to lift the weight of your body as if they were normal push-ups. In this way, you will work mainly the triceps, although you will also exercise shoulders and biceps.

Floor bicep curls

The push-ups are, along with the abs, one of the most popular exercises in the world and, when it comes to the arms, they are the exercise par excellence. Surely at some time in your life you have done push-ups, however, your technique may not be as refined as possible, making the exercise not totally efficient.

To do a push-up well, it is important not to move your waist and keep your back completely straight when you are going up and when you are going down. The good thing about this exercise is that, at the same time, you are working out biceps, triceps and shoulder.

This is a very popular arm exercise that you probably already know how to perform, you just have to remember not to move your waist and stay in a straight line while raising and lowering your body by flexing your arms. With the traditional push-ups you will work triceps, front part of the shoulder and to a lesser extent biceps. In the following article we explain how to start doing push-ups.

Arm exercises without weights for women: diamond push-ups

The diamond push-ups are an exercise that starts from the push-ups of a lifetime, which we have explained in the previous section, but unlike these there is a small change in the position of the hands that makes them have to work with more Strengthen the arm muscle groups instead of the pectorals.

The exercise starts from the same posture; however, the hands are closer to each other, in fact, the index finger and thumb of each hand should be in contact with the other. By making the base smaller, we will force our arms to work more, with which the results will also be better.

Isometric Bicep Curl Without Weights

Normally this exercise is done with a bar over a meter in length, however, we have already told you that for these exercises you will not need any extra material. In this case we suggest that you take a towel, a rope or a belt, which will do the same for you.

It is about grabbing it by the ends while stepping on it with your feet, then you must bend elbows and shoulders until it is completely stretched -whether it is a rope, towel or belt- and keep it taut for at least 15 seconds. resting and tightening it again.

Biceps without material: lateral walk

The lateral walk is a very complete exercise to define the biceps, and like the rest of the exercises that we propose in this article, you will not need weights. As in the previous cases, with the walk we use our own weight to push our arms to the limit and, in this case, in a particularly effective way.

The starting position is the same as the push-ups, but keeping the arms completely straight, without bending the elbows. From here you should move sideways, using your hands and feet without bending your arms. In this exercise you will especially tone the shoulders, but there is also an important work of arms and biceps.

Defining biceps without weights: V pushups

Like many of the exercises that we have explained to you, the V push-ups are also a variation of the push-ups to make them more effective or to work a different muscle group.

In this specific case, we start from the normal flexion position, however, the distance between the hands and the feet has to be shortened, so that we have to raise the buttocks while keeping the arms and legs extended. In this way, the force should basically be exerted on the shoulders, biceps and triceps.

The V push-ups are a great example that you don’t need machinery or weights to get strong and toned biceps, there are many ways to train your arms without spending money.

Bicep exercises at home without weights: recommendations

Even if you are training at home and without weights it does not mean that you should not be careful or that you can do it in any way. Below we will give you a series of recommendations so that you do not suffer any injury and you can optimize your effort to the maximum:

  • Like any other training, this one also takes planning. Our recommendation is that you work between 2 and 3 times a weekleaving at least one day of rest between workouts.
  • Before starting the training, you should do a proper warm-upto avoid possible injuries. In the following article we explain how to warm up for a session.
  • Once the session is over you must stretch correctlyto help relax and recover the muscles.
  • Not everything is working the biceps, you must complement this exercise with an aerobic workout.
  • correct dietand good hydration are essential to achieve good results.

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