How to dress and match accessories

The way we wear a garment expresses our tastes, passions and ideals. Having style is more than just dressing in fashion or following a trend, it is about making the perfect combination between accessories, shoes, makeup, hairstyle and outfit.

To look good, you have to feel good, do not be afraid to be you, you are beautiful just as you are. Now, it is true that there are people who find it more difficult than others to create an outfit that suits us and suits our needs.

There are times when it is a tiring task to find what to wear to a special event. For that reason and more, this new post will address a series of elements that you should consider when putting together your ideal outfit.  In addition, it will be mentioned which accessories are essential in your closet to go well with anything and give any garment a 360-degree turn.

1. Give the basics a plus

There are outfits that look neat and fine on their own. However, sometimes it is necessary to give a new look to the garment. That is why adding a necklace of suitable length, earrings or a bracelet are the best way to achieve a successful outfit.

2. Size does matter

Keep in mind that shape comes before color, in design this is a golden rule. The way in which we combine structures is fundamental, so each component must be in the proportion that balances the outfit.

3. Key elements

When choosing the right accessory, it is essential to take into account several points. The color and materials must be according to the season, the shape or cut will have to be the best ally of your silhouette, the style that suits the occasion and your personality.

4. Mix and match

When you have to select which jewelry to wear, not only do you not just have to be guided by the tone of these. Although we are going to make mixtures, everything must be guided by a perfect balance; the key points will be the texture and the material from which the pieces are made. Making combinations will be your perfect ally, just remember that they must look good.

5. Impose a theme

This may sound frivolous but for fashionistas any event deserves it. Try to imagine an environment and setting in such a way that you play with what is in your closet to get into the character you want to show off; so, you will be glamorous and always in fashion. Remember not to fall into exaggerations because it can add negative points to your outfit and person.

The accessories give life to any outfit; They are those little details that are responsible for taking any outfit and turning it into a fairy dream. An accessory should always go with the occasion and represent your personal style. Don’t be afraid to try new things and enjoy combining.

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