How to exercise as a family

Babies and young children spend endless hours trapped in their seats or, in the case of older children, hunched over on the sofa watching television. These modern lifestyle habits not only prevent them from practicing their motor skills and strengthening their heart, lungs and muscles, but it can lead them towards a sedentary life that can cause serious health problems when they grow up.

On the contrary, practicing physical exercise regularly has countless benefits for your body. If you love the idea of ​​doing physical activities with your loved ones, here we offer you the keys to practicing exercise with your family in a simple and fun way.

Bet on a sunset walk

Whether it’s walking to the park or the market, or taking advantage of a nature trail in your town or city, introducing a walk into your daily routine will keep you in shape without great effort. You can go out for a walk with your partner and your children, and if they are too young to walk all the time, you can lower them out of their chair for a while and sit them again when they are tired. Try to make the walk fun, playing games like I, see-I see, riddles or simply talking about your things, so that those moments of the day are associated with a time of family time.

Turn up the volume and dance!

It is nothing new that children love to dance and sing, and you don’t need a disco to get going, you can have it in your own home! Set aside the furniture in the room, play loud dance music, and let your kids do the rest. Surely the older ones already have favorite groups and they will love singing their first songs while the little ones try to reproduce choreographies with their precarious balance. Quite an adventure, and a good excuse to keep them away from video games or TV series and exercise as a family.

Plan an afternoon of sports a week

Choose between all of you a time a week so that you can practice sports together. We all know that it is easier to take children to the movies or to eat, but this plan is much healthier. So that you do not get bored, each member of the family can choose their favorite sport and alternate week after week so that everyone is satisfied. Try to choose sports that encourage the growth of children or those that improve their teamwork skills, such as soccer or basketball.

Time to tune up the garden

If you have a garden or just a balcony with two floors, have your children help you in their care. This may not be a regular sport, but they sure love to get mud on their hands and fill up the showers. In addition, if they are the ones who grow the tomatoes, they will surely be excited to eat them later: two birds with one stone.

Gardening is just one of the jobs that is usually done at home where your family can help you and at the same time exercise all together. Dust, mop, sweep, do laundry, collect leaves from the garden, mow the lawn, etc. It is not an exercise as fun as volleyball but it is also tiring, and a lot …

Dog walkers

You still don’t have a dog? Well, it’s time. If you want the whole family to go for a run or a walk, put a puppy in their life (or adopt an adult dog). At the same time, you will foster their ability to commit to their obligations by having another living being whose well-being is in their hands.

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