How to extend the life of a diesel engine

The diesel engines are becoming increasingly sophisticated, so that it is more difficult that fail, although it is more expensive to repair. In these times, saving on car repair and maintenance and extending its useful life is great. To do this, we give you a series of very useful tips and none of them will cost you money, simply time and patience. If you want to know how to extend the life of a diesel engine, explains it to you.

Steps to follow:

1. First of all, do not forget to follow the maintenance plan specified by the manufacturer in the maintenance book at all times. You must meet the revision deadlines and be attentive to which oil and spare parts to use.

2. The engine should not be stopped suddenly just after driving on the motorway or through a mountain pass. Wait at least a minute as hot oil in the turbine can char and could break the turbo.

3. It is highly recommended to rush the deposit as little as possible. Always try to fill the tank when the indicator shows that there is a quarter of tank left, since in the case of diesel fuel impurities accumulate at the bottom and could pass into the fuel system, damaging it completely.

4. In the event that a tanker is recharging the tanks of a gas station, it should never be refueled, as impurities and moisture can enter. In any case, it is necessary to wait at least one hour after recharging.

5. The oil level must be checked regularly. Too low a level could cause serious engine failure, while an excessively high level could damage the tube or hoses. To check it, it is necessary to have the car flat and the engine cold.

6. Before starting, wait about 10 seconds for the engine to warm up. This gives the oil pump enough time to lubricate the entire engine.

7. Purging the diesel filter periodically is also very important, as this prevents the moisture in the fuel from affecting the injection system. When you take the car to be checked, ask to have it purged.

8. The diesel filter should be changed approximately every 60,000 km. Thanks to this, you will prevent impurities from entering the injection system and damaging it.

9. RPM must be controlled, as running with the engine below 2,000 rpm and accelerating without downshifting can cause several short-term problems. Mainly, more carbon is generated in combustion, shortening the life of the catalyst EGR valve, causing the engine to suffer more, and causing wear and vibration.

10. Finally, the use of biodiesel should be avoided, since it contains more moisture than diesel, a fact that can lead to injection system failures.

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