How to extend the life of my car

Making our car last for many years is not a very complicated task if we follow a series of guidelines that respond to common sense and that will save us the outlay of money on a new vehicle and repairs. Here we give you the answer to the question of how to extend the life of my car.

Steps to follow:

1. You have to be very careful with all the periodic reviews that your car requires so as not to skip any of them. The manufacturer himself indicates the periodicity in the manual of our vehicle. It may be that if we skip a review, we will not notice any short-term failure, but in the long run the car will suffer. Keeping our vehicle in proper condition is a good way to extend the life of the car.

2. A smooth driving, avoiding sudden braking or radical gear changes, anticipating the vicissitudes of traffic, will help all the components of our car, and with it the machine itself, last longer.

3. To prevent our car from being subjected to nighttime temperature changes and inclement weather, we must find a covered and closed parking for when we are not using it.

4. Although we do not need to use the car often, we should not leave it idle for many days, since although we may think that we are extending its life this way, lack of use will impair the proper functioning of the machinery. So, if we can, we must move our vehicle every day.

5. Another tip that we must not fail to comply with is to use spare parts for both parts and fluids, recommended by the manufacturer of our vehicle. We must be especially attentive to the tires.

6. We must pay attention to the panel of our car and pay attention to those indicator lights that some component is bad or needs replacement. With a quick response, we will save ourselves a major problem and thus we can extend the life of our car.

7. By washing the car often, we will also be extending its life, since we will avoid that some elements that have been embedded spoil the paint.

8. Short trips can also greatly affect the life of your muffler. Basically, you get condensation in the exhaust when starting a cold engine, and if you don’t keep the car running long enough to evaporate all the condensation from the system, an excessive amount of water can accumulate in the muffler, and rust will make you holes.

9. The inflated tires can reduce the life of the wheel 15% and a little decrease fuel consumption, perhaps 10%. If you notice that the car shakes at high speeds you should align it, or if the tread of the front wheels is worn unevenly.

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