How to know if you are in love or obsessed

When we are thinking of starting a relationship or we have a person in mind that we have liked for a while, it is totally normal that we have certain doubts about what we are really feeling for him or her. On the one hand, it is likely that you are really falling in love with that person and we are a little scared to feel such emotions. But, on the other hand, you may be confusing love with other emotions that have nothing to do with these kinds of sincere and deep feelings.

I’m really in love? Or am I obsessing over that person? In the following article we give you some tips on how to know if you are in love or obsessed . Read on and find out what are the most common signs when you really like a person.

You spend all day thinking about him or her

When we fall in love with a person, it is completely normal, especially at the beginning of the relationship, that we think a lot about him or her and we are looking forward to seeing him again. However, this is no longer a healthy thing when we are not able to spend even five seconds thinking about what the person we like is doing. That is, the first and last thought of your day to day is for who you like.

Therefore, one of the first signs to distinguish between love and obsession are excessive thoughts towards that person, to such an extent that they govern your daily life, and even prevent you from doing your work or repeatedly distract you from what you are studying because You can’t help thinking about seeing him again or about new ways to win him over.

You no longer dedicate time to yourself

It is logical that as your relationship progresses happily, your priorities change and you begin to spend more time with each other than with other people. But this is one thing, and another is that only your boy is in your priorities.

One sign that you are really obsessed with him is that all your time revolves around him . That is, you no longer meet your friends, you never want to visit your family or you have even put aside all your hobbies. You have lost all your personal space to such an extent that the only thing you like to do right now is be with him. If you feel identified with these lines, you should regain your space since, in addition to being unhealthy for you, the only thing you will achieve is to remove that person from you.

You spy on him on social media

How much time do you spend in your day to day seeing what your partner publishes? Since you started dating, you have been increasing the number of times you check their posts on social media . Absolutely nothing escapes you, not the things he likes, not the pages he follows, not his comments or the people he has added to his friends list, especially if they are women. In this case, you also do a complete study of that girl who, perhaps, is simply an old schoolmate.

If for a while, you have become the best detective of your boyfriend’s profiles on social networks, it is that you are not in love but you have such obsessive thoughts that if your partner found out, you would surely scare him a little.

You don’t love yourself anymore

Another way to find out if you are in love or obsessed is stopping to reflect if that person makes you get the best version of yourself or, on the contrary, if since you have been with him or she you have been losing your self-esteem . When you are in a happy and healthy relationship, unconsciously, we become more independent and we feel the need to continue growing and improve those defects that we do not like about ourselves.

But when a person is having obsessive thoughts of love, usually our hidden face or those defects of our personality that we did not even know existed. Have you become excessively insecure ? Do you have a somewhat compulsive behavior? Do you argue with him out of totally unfounded jealousy? If so, be careful, as this type of obsessive behavior could lead to mental disorders such as depression and you could start thinking about things that have no head or tail, as if he is really in love with you .

You have unreal feelings towards that person

The last sign to know if you have fallen in love, or on the contrary, you are obsessed with your boy is to reflect on how you see that person . If you are really in love with him, you will know how to value his virtues but also accept that, like all human people, he can have his defects and, as your relationship progresses, you will accept them little by little.

However, if you refuse to see the negative aspects and insist on creating a totally unreal version of your partner, then you are obsessed. Try to have a more realistic vision of your partner since, if you continue like this, the only thing you will get is to be disappointed because you have fallen in love with someone who does not exist.

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