How to leave a person who hurts you

Sometimes it can happen that the person we are with is not the most suitable, since, no matter how hard you try to make your relationship go well, the only thing you get, from that person, is pain and rejection . Perhaps he no longer feels the same about you or, directly, he stopped loving you for a long time. Be it one thing or the other, the solution is the same: cut off that toxic relationship as soon as possible .

However, even if you know what to do, it is normal that at the moment of truth you can feel that your world is falling apart because that relationship is coming to an end. Therefore, in this  article, we want to give you some advice on how to leave a person who is hurting you and, finally, you can move on with your life.

Stay away from someone who hurts you

The first step in leaving a person who is hurting you is breaking up with them and putting physical distance between the two of you . It is necessary that you spend some time alone to accept your feelings and move away emotionally from the person who is making you suffer. To carry out this great step, you can follow these tips:

  • Take the time you really need to absorb your pain. This can help you recover more easily from this breakup. However, this does not mean that you should plunge into misery, but rather accept your sadness and know how to deal with the feelings that hurt you.
  • If that person has been, not only your partner, but your friend and your great emotional support, you should try to find another trusted person with whom you can talk.
  • Delete it from all your social networks . If you spend every minute looking at their latest posts and statuses, you will never get over this break.

Think that it is more difficult to stop loving someone you see every day, than if you distance yourself from him or her.

Express your emotions in different ways

Another important step when you leave someone who has hurt you is to bring out your emotions . We often try to suppress our feelings of pain and sadness. However, we should not hide it deep inside ourselves, as they will accumulate and end up exploiting you in your face. Therefore, it is recommended that you follow these recommendations:

  • Crying is therapeutic : if you need to do it, do it. Shedding tears, even for pain, is an action that can lower your levels of anxiety and stress.
  • Do not hit or break things : These violent actions indicate that you are repressing your feelings of anger. Instead of expressing them in this way, you should analyze them and think about why you are angry or upset.
  • Express yourself in other ways : You can express your feelings through music, writing or another hobby that you feel comfortable with. However, if for example you like to listen to music, do not go overboard looking for sad songs, but for others that make you feel good.

After a love breakup, everything will be better

Although it may not seem like it right now, leaving that person who was making you suffer has been a great step towards being happy again in your life. Think that no matter how much you had done or how many times you had tried to fight for that relationship, you would never have been happy with that person. If you are not convinced of this, reflect and analyze what that person was like with you :

  • Think about the negative aspects of that person, as they can help you get over this breakup more quickly.
  • However, do not make the mistake of being cruel or bitter. It is about assuming that there were certain incompatible things between you and that person and that, therefore, it would never have worked.
  • Analyze the reality of how your relationship was to distance yourself little by little from those sad feelings.

Speak with someone

Another way to get over a difficult breakup is to find the support of the people you love. Find your best friend, your brother, or someone else you fully trust and unburden yourself . On the contrary, you should avoid looking for people who do not know how to listen or have the patience so that you can talk to them about your problems.

You can also find a support group that has experienced something similar to you, since talking with someone who has had a similar situation can be very therapeutic. These people will understand how you feel without having to give long explanations or justifications for your feelings.

How to know if you surpassed someone

After all the previous steps and having been a period of time alone to heal your wounds, it is time to reflect if you are ready to return to your life and have new experiences, be they love or otherwise. To do this, you can observe whether or not you have the following behaviors :

  • You ask yourself again about the lives of other people. When we are overcoming a very difficult breakup, it is very normal to think only of yourself and your feelings of sadness. However, if you take an interest in others again, your recovery may be going well.
  • You have stopped thinking about what that person is doing and looking at the mobile frequently waiting for a call from him.
  • You no longer identify with the sad endings of the movies, but with those in which the protagonist overcomes his challenges.
  • You have already assumed that it will not return and, in fact, you are happy that it is.

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