How to make a 5-petal flower

The papiroflexia is getting into fashion with the recognition of the art of origami. Origami is a variant of paper crafts but with a difference, it only uses your hands. That is, it does not use scissors, glue, or any other origami utensil. In this article we bring you some very easy flowers to make, as well as beautiful ones, which are between the two arts, since we will need glue. If you are one of those who loves to do manual things and relax with them, read on and discover how to make a 5-petal flower.

Steps to follow:

1. In order to make your origami flower you will need 5 squares of paper. It is very important that the squares are all the same and have all the sides of the same length. A good measure can be to cut them 8cm x 8cm.

2. When you have them, take one and fold it in half joining two of the four ends. Take a look at the photo to see how we do it.

3. Then, take one of the ends of the triangle and bring it to the tip, as we show you in the image. Do the same with the other side so that you have a small rhombus but with all the sides the same.

4. Now we are going to make the inside of the petal of the paper flower. To do this, take one of the two folds of the rhombus and fold it in half, outwards, as we show you in the photograph. Do the same with the other one so that there is a figure with 4 points.

5. Now you need to open the folds that you just folded. Just open and flatten them, as we show you in the image, so that they look like two arrowheads. If it is the first time that you make a 5-petal origami flower, it may be a bit difficult for you, but after making the first petal, you will see that it is not that complicated.

6. Now, take the ends of the pleats and fold them up. Make sure that the tip coincides with the central line so that the petal is perfect.

7. The next step will be to fold the folds in half again, but this time, instead of doing it towards the outside, we will do it towards the inside. In this way, we recover the rhombus from the first steps. When you have it, you simply have to make a cone with the rhombus and glue the folds with paper glue or glue stick. Take a look at the image to see how we do it. You already have your first petal done! What was not so complicated? Now you must repeat this whole process to make 4 more petals.

8. When you have the 5 petals finished you must start gluing them to create the origami flower. As? Very easy. Take one of the petals, apply glue on one side of the line that joins the pligues. Now, take another petal and join them joining the two lines. You don’t need to apply glue to both petals, unless the one you use is low-strength. You must glue them all in the same way, along the line that joins the folds.

9. You already have your 5-petal flower finished! As you can see, it is a very original, easy and beautiful origami craft. You can make them in all possible colors and decorate whatever you want with them. And, if you want your flower to come out in two colors, simply paint one of the faces of the square from step 1 and the inside of the flower will come out with another hue. If you like crafts, don’t miss these original flowers with toilet paper tubes.

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