How to make a cardboard caterpillar

Do you want to prepare a very simple and fun children’s craft? In this article we give you the instructions so that you know how to make a cardboard caterpillar step by step with which the whole family will have a great time. In addition, being a simple craft, both children and adults can contribute to its construction and personalize it with the colors they prefer. Grab a pencil and paper and learn to make your own toy.

Steps to follow:

1. To make a caterpillar out of cardboard you will need a series of easy-to-collect materials that are the following:

  • 4 tubes of toilet paper
  • Scissors
  • Multi-colored watercolors and brushes
  • Drill
  • Thread
  • Construction paper
  • Googly eyes (Accessory)
  • Glue

Cut each toilet paper tube in half, making a total of eight halves. Try to squish the tube as little as possible when you do this. An adult should always help children when it comes to scissors.

2. Then paint the tubes any color you like. You can also color the caterpillar with crayons or markers instead of painting it.

3. Drill two holes in 6 of the tubes, one in front and one behind. The other two tubes would be the head and the tail (the first and the last), so you need to drill only one hole in each of them.

4. Pass a piece of string through each of the holes in each of the tubes. Leave the thread on the ground a little, so the caterpillar can move. Tie the ends of the thread on the tail and on the head. You can also use any type of cord, or fishing rod.

5. Take a sheet of construction paper and cut two strips to use as antennas. Then glue the antennae on top of the caterpillar’s head. You can use tape as in the picture … but the glue is better because it is not visible.

6. To finish the cardboard caterpillar, craft, glue two googly eyes to the caterpillar’s head. If you don’t have googly eyes, you can cut two small circles out of one-color construction paper and then cut two smaller black circles.

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