How to make a flower with balloons

In this article we are going to explain how to make a beautiful and fun flower with balloons, if you follow each step and use the images you will see that it is very easy, you only need two balloons of the colors that you like the most. Follow the steps carefully.

Steps to follow:

1. The first thing we will do is inflate an elongated balloon, in our case we will do it with a blue balloon, which will be the petals of our flower made with balloons. Important not to inflate the balloon too much.

2. The next step is to join the two ends of the balloon, making a round one, to join the two ends we will make a knot at the end with the two ends.

3. The next step is to strangle the balloon in the middle of one side.

4. The same with the other side, what we have to get is a balloon in the shape of eight.

5. We do one more choke looking to make 2 eights joined by the center point.

6. We continue doing the same with the other side and we almost have the petals of this flower made with balloons.

7. We end up doing the same as the previous step with the other side of the globe. You have to do it with a little care so that the balloon does not explode.

8. We already have it! The petals made, as you can see in the image has been great.

9. Now we just need to add the stem of the flower, with a green or brown balloon we will put it through the central part of the flower made with balloons, and that’s it! It was easy right?

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