How to make a paper boomerang

The boomerang are objects that were once used to hunt small animals, but now also become a toy. They can be made of many materials, such as plastic, wood or paper, in which case their use is exclusively homemade. The main feature of the boomerang is that it is thrown and returns to its origin, this depends largely on the skill of the thrower. If you want to make a paper boomerang, here we give you the keys to build it.

Steps to follow:

1. The first thing you should take is a sheet of paper or DINA 4 and cut it in half.

2. To make a paper boomerang, we fold the paper that we already had cut in half. We bend it hard.

3. The next step is to take one of the ends and fold that half again. We mark the bent part tightly.

4. We do exactly the same with the other half.

5. Once we have both sides folded, we take the paper and from right to left we fold it in half again, making both ends coincide.

6. On the side that we have folded (where the folds are joined), we must fold the corners inwards, leaving that part of the boomerang shaped like an “arrow”.

7. We unfold the entire piece and we will see that the folds have been well marked. The next step to make our boomerang is to fold the right side inwards, being careful not to tear the paper.

8. We push the lower part, as indicated in the image, superimposing it on the paper that we have just folded.

9. We focus now on the left side of the boomerang. We take one of the folds and fold it inwards.

10. The triangle that has been left in the upper part of the boomerang must be folded inwards, as if we were hiding it inside a pocket, always following the folds that we have marked before.

11. In this way, the entire boomerang is folded and closed, and we would have a piece of paper in the shape of a square.

12. We take the lower ends and fold them inwards, to make the tips of the boomerang.

13. Of the two ends that we have just folded, the one with the double fold is folded back inwards. We close everything and put the tip back into the hole where we had folded everything, as if we were putting the tip in a pocket.

14. We do exactly the same with the other end.

15. We already have our boomerang made of paper. Now you just have to throw it away to get it back to you. Ideally, you should cast it with a 45-degree incline, no more. Enjoy it!

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