How to make a photo frame

With four tips you will make a beautiful photo frame, you will surely look fantastic! You can prepare frames in a thousand different ways, painted as you want and you can also glue things on it so that it looks the way each parent likes best. On this occasion we will use a very simple technique so that you have a very beautiful frame that will surprise you. See the following article, how to make a photo frame.

Steps to follow:

1. First of all, you cut out three pieces of square cardboard of the same size, one you leave it whole, the second you empty it making a smaller square inside and the third will have a U shape. You glue them one on top of the other so that the cardboard in the shape of U stay in the center.

2. Then you paint pieces of paper in many different colors applying the frottage technique on different surfaces, and we cover the frame and the back (taking into account that you must leave the area that the U-shaped cardboard has left hollow free).

3. Next you cut out another piece of cardboard in the shape of a trapezoid and cover it with the same wallpapers using the frottage technique.

4. Then you glue the cardboard in the shape of a trapezoid that will serve as the foot of the frame. Same as it appears in the image.

5. Finally, you can finish decorating the frame by painting some details and put the photo that you like the most.

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