How to make a snowman with balloons

Here we explain how to make the most original snowman for this Christmas, with a globe and a black marker it will be enough to make this fun snowman that you can put in the dining room of your house or hung from the ceiling of your dining room. Follow each of the steps and above all help yourself to the images to see how to make this fun doll.

Steps to follow:

1. The first thing we have to do is take one of these elongated white balloons, in this case I recommend that it be white because it is the color that distinguishes the snowman. Do not inflate it too much as it has to be easily manipulated. You must leave at least 5 centimeters uninflated.

2. Make a twist on the tip of the balloon. Make it about an inch tall. This forms the “head” of the snowman.

3. The next step is to make 3 pieces of the balloon and make them look like one, what we want to do is the body of the snowman, for this we will have to make 3 strangulations of the balloon and a turn. The first a turn of one 4 centimeters high.

4. We make another twist the same size as the previous twist.

5. Another one a little smaller and now with a simple movement we will have the body of the snowman.

6. We pass the small piece of the balloon, the last one that we have done inside the other two and we will have it done.

7. You have it, now you can see the part of the doll’s head and body. Now we will miss the part of the feet.

8. We will use what remains of the balloon to repeat the process of the body, we will make 3 pieces of the balloon, two equal and another a little smaller, following the same steps as in the three previous points.

9. At the end we can decorate the snowman made with a balloon a bit. In our case we have made it very simple but you can complicate it as much as you want.

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