How to make an electro magnet

You can make a magnet out of a nail or iron bolt, varnishing copper wire, and a battery. When the electricity from the battery goes around the wire around the bolt, the bolt becomes a magnet. Break the circuit by unplugging it and the bolt is no longer a magnet. Disconnect the electromagnet when you are not using it or else the battery will drain very soon. The more times you wrap the wire around the bolt, the stronger the magnet will be. How to make an electro-magnet.

Steps to follow:

1. First of all, use a blade of the scissors to scrape 2 cm of the varnish to the two ends of the varnished copper wire. Do this carefully or the electromagnet will not work.

2. Then hold the wire against the pin or nail, and thread the wire around. Make sure the wire is close together around the pin or nail.

3. Then when you get to the point of the bolt or bald, put a small piece of tape on the wire. Roll the wire around the bolt and start over. Make sure the wire is close together.

4. Then joins a piece of wire to each of the pins of the switch. Thread the free end of a wire around one terminal on the battery.

5. Then wrap the other wire around a wire on the electromagnet. Attach the free wire end of the bolt to the second battery terminal.

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