How to make chocolate ice cream cake

Within our complete repertoire of dessert recipes, we have included this essential for lovers of chocolate and desserts in general: the frozen chocolate cake. Although there are many varieties and different ways to make this recipe, here we bring you one that never fails, because it is really easy to carry out even by the least skilled cooks, but also because it is inexpensive and quick to prepare, since neither it even needs cooking.

And best of all, the result is deliciously magnificent. Then put on your apron and wash your hands because you are going to learn how to make chocolate ice cream cake by following some simple instructions.

Steps to follow:

1. First of all, to begin with, 200 grams of chocolate bar is used to, after making it into pieces, melt it in a water bath in a saucepan. Once melted, remove it from the heat and go on to prepare 150 grams of margarine in a container. In addition, set aside the same amount of sugar, and then proceed to beat the margarine at the same time that you spread the sugar little by little over it, until a homogeneous mixture is created.

2. When this mixture acquires a creamy appearance, then take eight eggs and add their yolks in addition to a glass of brandy, although if you prefer you can use another liqueur instead. Also make sure to add a teaspoon of vanilla to your mixture but also and above all the essentials: the previously melted chocolate. Regarding the eggs, do not discard their whites because you will need them in the next step, so reserve them in a separate plate or container.

3. Then it is time to turn to the eight egg whites that we had saved from the previous step and begin to beat them insistently, making sure that they are about to snow. Once this step is completed, the result obtained is mixed with the previous ingredients in order to achieve that your rich chocolate cake acquires a remarkable softness on the palate.

4. Lastly, use a mold into which to pour the mixture. But don’t forget that you have to cover the inside with aluminum foil first. Then put the mold in the freezer for about eight hours, so after that time you can take it apart. Also, before tasting your dessert you can decorate each of the portions with a little whipped cream on top or around if you prefer. Now you can enjoy a homemade chocolate ice cream cake!

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