How to make crafts with fruit boxes

Lately, giving a second life to everyday objects is very fashionable. With pallets, coffee capsules, flowerpots. In this article we want to give you some ideas to reuse the typical wooden fruit boxes. After reading this article on how to make crafts with fruit boxes, you will run to your nearest greengrocer to order boxes to decorate your house.

Painted fruit boxes

The simplest craft you can do with a fruit box is to use it as a normal box. This way of recycling is very simple, since you only have to sand the box and paint it the color that you like the most. You can also line the bottom with fabric and staple it to the box. In this way you can have some beautiful boxes in which to store, for example, the toys of the little ones.

Varnished fruit boxes

If what you want is to use them with a more natural and vintage color, just sand and varnish the fruit boxes. In this way you can use them as a magazine rack or to keep the blankets in the house tidy giving a very original touch to your home.

Fruit boxes as shelves

Something more complicated, although not much, is to make a shelf with the fruit boxes. Sand all the boxes and paint or varnish them well. Putting some boxes on top of others, and joining all the fruit boxes together well, you can make an original garden shelf or for the interior of your house.

Basket for plants

Fruit boxes look great with pots indoors. You can put them in the garden or inside your house and alternate flowers of bright colors to give a cheerful touch to the space.

Personalized gift

Another idea to make crafts with fruit boxes is to use them as a gift box. You can decorate the box in the same way as with the other ideas, and use it at the birth of a child by filling it with baby products. You can also use it as a gourmet box to make a personalized gift.

Bed for your pet

If you get a box of fruit a little bigger than usual, you can even turn it into an original bed for your pet. As with the rest of the ideas, you can paint it or leave it a more natural color. With a blanket and a comfortable cushion, your pet will have a personalized place to sleep.

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