How to make good luck charms

An amulet is a physical object used as a passive protective measure or for good luck, often worn on the body. A talisman is a similar object but is considered to have supernatural powers. Good luck charms often incorporate specific symbols or are decorated with precious stones. But it can be done in any shape or material.

In ancient times it was used by the Egyptians, Greeks, Hebrews and Arabs, but it is still used today by some followers of religions such as Judaism and Islam, and people seeking good luck and protection. Therefore, in this article we show how to make good luck charms, the most recognized for their effectiveness.

Braided bracelet

You need three thin leather strips, all the same length, and large beads made of wood, plastic, or any other material. The color of the beads could be your favorite color, or a color that you think will make sense for your good luck charm.

For example, if your family is having money problems, choose green accounts to represent growth or protection of your assets. Or you can choose red beads as a sign of good health.

Line the leather strips together and glue one end to a board. You will start braiding. Every three repetitions of braiding, insert a bead into one of the strips. Keep the braiding and keep adding beads until you reach the end of the strips. Tie the two ends of the bracelet together, and tie a knot in it. There is another very good method to make good luck charms, they are the thread bracelets. It is a fairly similar process.

Token Amulet

Another good luck charm with benefits proven by many people. You need a flat piece of wood, paint, and a brush. The little piece of wood doesn’t matter if it’s a leftover from a craft project, a piece of furniture, or a store bought. The important thing is that it is flat and made of wood.

Choose a symbol or design for your amulet. This could include the Egyptian Eye of Horus, the Islamic symbol The Hand of Fatima, or any mystical Jewish symbol from the Kabbalah. You can also create a new design to put on your lucky charm, or borrow a design that you like. Look for inspiration in religious texts and photographs of archaeological sites.

Choose two colors of paint. The first color will serve as the basis and the other for the design. Paint most of the wood and the sides with the base color. Let it dry. Turn the wood over and paint over the remaining part. Let it dry. Paint the symbol or design onto the wood with the other color. This amulet is worn in a pocket or on a small necklace around the neck. As you can see, making a good luck charm only takes a few hours, and does not require any special preparation, just get the materials that are really accessible in any store. Can you have good luck?

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