How to make my partner trust me after an infidelity

A relationship must have some basic pillars such as trust, mutual commitment and fidelity, or at least be clear about the limits that both people accept in these aspects. However, when one of the members of the relationship commits an infidelity, that is, maintains a relationship with a third person, it is breaking these three pillars directly and brings with it other very negative consequences, such as pain, anger, distrust and estrangement between both members of the couple.

An infidelity is a very difficult event to overcome and, generally, it usually leads to the breakup of a couple. But in the event that that person gives you a second chance, can they trust you again? If you want to win back your boy / girl, in the following article we explain how to make my partner trust me after an infidelity through a few tips.

Start being honest so that your partner trusts you after being unfaithful

The first step for your partner to trust you again after having been unfaithful is that you begin to be honest with him / her and voluntarily tell him how everything happened, that is, the reasons why you came to cheat on him with another person. In this way, your partner will notice that you want him to trust you again.

During this conversation, it is important that you do not hide certain details from her because you may think that they may hurt her or you want to protect her from pain. The damage has already been done and, therefore, although the truth may hurt now, it is also totally necessary for you to rebuild the pillar of trust in your relationship . However, if you try to lie or hide some things from him and your partner finds out, the only thing you will achieve is that he will never trust you again.

Ditch your relationship with the other person

Although it seems obvious, many people who have been unfaithful do not face the other problem of infidelity: breaking the relationship with the third person . Generally, what is usually done is to ignore the messages or calls from that person until they forget about you. But this attitude is not only cowardly with that person, but it will give your partner to think that you do not settle the matter because you are not sure you will not be unfaithful again.

Therefore, be brave and tell that other person as soon as possible that you no longer want to have any kind of relationship with them and that all you want is to reconcile with your partner . In addition, if you make the call in front of your romantic partner, much better, since he will be able to see for himself that you are totally serious with your decision.

Be patient and understanding

Having a person trust you again after this sentimental “slap” can be a hard and very long process. Generally, after an infidelity, the damaged person will feel distrustful and may surely have false suspicions that you are seeing another person again, even if it is not true.

The first step for your partner to trust you again little by little is to sincerely apologize and promise that you will never do something like this again. After this it will be important that you have a lot of patience and do not get angry when your partner can be irascible, jealous or distrustful of you directly.

Think that it is normal during the process and you should try to show understanding at all times since, even if it does not seem like it, you are putting all your strength in overcoming this painful situation. Therefore, put yourself in the other person’s shoes and support them in everything necessary.

Anyway, you have to know how to see to what extent it is normal for this person to behave like this and if you feel that the situation is out of control or spends too much time, considering months or a few years, with this behavior, then he may not be able to overcome it and you will have to decide what to do.

Show him that you only care about him or her

Another negative consequence that infidelity brings is that the other person feels insecure, undervalued and, in many cases, that they are not attracted enough to their partner. That is, unconsciously, you think that it was your fault that your partner decided to cheat on you. Therefore, another very important step for him to regain his trust in you, as well as to help him to love himself again, is to show him that he / she is the only person in the world with whom you want to be in this sense .

To do this, you can follow any of these recommendations:

  • Thank you for deciding to forgive you after the harm you did.
  • Tell him constantly, and above all show him, how much you love him.
  • Let him know how much you want him. It is important for you to regain your self-esteem.
  • Thank them for being so wonderful and appreciate all their qualities.
  • Never ever be unfaithful to him or betray his trust in any way.

Try to spend a lot more time with your partner

Finally, in addition to helping your partner feel more secure and trust you again, the time you dedicate to be with him or her will also be important. This is essential for him to notice that you are giving him a much higher priority in his life.

To do this, try to find many more things in common with this person and make different plans throughout the week such as going to the movies, having dinner in a romantic place or even staying home with him or her. A good relationship is one in which you can also treat the other person as if they were a close friend.

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