How to make potato fritters

The potato dumplings are a delicious snack that is perfect for young and old, one of the many ways in which we consume this food versatile. Its preparation is very simple as well as being the perfect alternative when we have prepared cooked potatoes and we want to take advantage of the leftovers. We know you enjoy cooking, so in this article we explain how to make finger-licking potato fritters.

Steps to follow:

1. The potato dumplings are very easy to prepare, making it a perfect plate to present as a starter or snack. Of course, it is very important to serve them freshly made because their flavor is delicious when they are hot.

To begin, wash the potatoes and, with their skin, cook them until they are soft. Remove from the heat, strain and let them cool.

2. Once they have cooled slightly then you must mash them with the help of a fork. To this mixture add the grated cheese if you are going to incorporate it, salt to taste, pepper to taste, the egg and the milk. Stir very well until it has a homogeneous appearance.

3. Then you should incorporate the previously sifted flour to avoid lumps, add the yeast and stir well until you form a dough that should not be too thick but consistent. Your dough for potato fritters is now ready and now you just have to let it rest between 30 minutes and 1 hour so that it rises a little.

4. Once the dough has settled, then it is time to heat plenty of oil in a non-stick frying pan to proceed to fry the potato fritters. Bring the oil to medium heat and, when it is hot, carefully toss a tablespoon of the mixture into a fritter in each tablespoon. Let it fry until golden brown.

5. As the potato fritters come out, place them on a plate with absorbent paper to remove excess oil. After draining them you can serve them and delight all your guests, they are delicious!

And if you liked this recipe, then you can’t help but consult other alternatives to this dish, that’s why we invite you to prepare our cod, pumpkin and, the most classic, wind fritters.

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