How to make very decorative stars

Christmas is about to arrive and you want new ideas to decorate your house? One of the most significant symbols of Christmas is the star. There are countless inexpensive crafts that you can do to make stars yourself. In this article we show you how to make very decorative stars that will look great in any corner of your house.

Steps to follow:

1. You will need a piece of shiny wrapping paper.

2. Trace a rectangle on the wrapping paper with a pencil (make it as big as you want depends on the size of the star)

3. Fold one end of the paper as shown in the image.

4. Keep folding it like an accordion first to one side and then to the other. You will have some folds. Keep in mind that each fold involves one of the ends. We have made 12 folds, that is, our star will have 12 points.

5. Once the accordion is made, we fold everything so that only one strip is visible.

6. Now we will fold this strip in half to mark the center.

7. We unfold and we can see a line that tells us where the center of the strip is.

8. We will staple the center with a stapler.

9.In this image you can see how the staple is right in the center.

10. With a pencil, draw two curved lines at each end and two small diagonals near the center of the strip.

11. Cut out the marks you have made with scissors.

12. Unfold the sides like paper fans.

13. Now we will join them from the back with tape or adhesive tape as we show you in the image.

14. Turn the star and … Look how beautiful you have been! If you want to hang it on your Christmas tree, take a needle or a thumbtack and make a hole for the star at one of its points. Thread it and … Ready to hang! You already have a very decorative star!

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