How to make web pages

It is impossible to explain how important it is, for a company, to be present in the Internet world. A website can not only offer your company a modern professional appearance, but it can also expand your product worldwide. In fact, not a few people have decided to choose their website as their main work tool; We must think that, day after day, millions of people connect to the Internet with needs, in search of solutions and / or products to buy. Do you have something to offer? Whether you own a company or not, here we show you the different variables that are presented to us to make web pages.

1 & 1

With more than five million web pages hosted, 1 & 1 emerges as the world leader in Webhosting solutions. The service that this German company offers is based on web hosting, domains, online stores, technical support and servers with relatively cheap prices. At the same time, we highlight the fact that its design, communication and optimization tools allow you to create your website without the need for programming knowledge.


Wix allows us to publish our website in seconds; Among many of the options that its service offers us, the free hosting accounts and the possibility of promoting our site on different social networks, as well as being able to buy a personalized domain stand out. As drawbacks we are presented with the ending in Flash by default and the constant appearance of advertising; however, all these cons can disappear by acquiring the Premium account. Click here to learn how to make a website with Wix.


WordPress (.org) is a content management service focused on creating web pages. Unlike WordPress (.com), this system allows you to enjoy the service in a completely free way, with its own advertising and thousands of fully customizable themes paying for hosting and domain. On the other hand, it requires knowledge of Hosting installation, as well as its handling.


Jimdo offers to create web pages without any prior computer skills, in less than five minutes. Helping you to sell online easily through a wide variety of designs, Jimdo boasts a good ranking in Google and allows you to add ‘like’ buttons to all your posts, as well as links to other social networks. Click here to learn how to make a web page with Jimdo.


Based on Adobe Flash, the Dreamweaver application allows you to build and edit web pages. However, knowledge of HTML, CSS, Flash and JavaScript will be required if you want to achieve a great professional finish. On the other hand, it will also be necessary to hire a hosting and a domain. Despite its difficulty, on the Internet we can find a multitude of tutorials to learn how to use it.


Nvu is presented as a small and unknown program that can help on more than one occasion. Thought to start in the operational world of web pages, Nvu allows us to create and edit both the content and the design of it. Although the finish is not too remarkable, we can see the program as a small support for learning HTML. As in the previous case, you need to get internet hosting and a custom domain.


GoDaddy is a global platform dedicated to domains, templates for creating web pages and hosting and hosting them. It offers to unify all these services, being the largest and most global company dedicated to these services. Here we invite you to visit their website and use their products.

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