How to organize shoes

Some time ago when I came to my house, at the entrance of my room I would take off my shoes. But when it came to dressing, I spent a lot of time choosing my outfit because I didn’t know what footwear to combine them with, I had them everywhere! Under the bed, in my closet, on the rack that seemed like a good organizer, and even in the living room.

I have always considered footwear a very important investment and as I just mentioned, I struggled a lot to have a good order with my shoes. The worst thing was that because they were not given enough care they were mistreated, scratched, had marks or even my cat ended up playing with them, they lasted less time than they should!

Do you want to know how I solved it? I decided to invest in a good organizer who knew that I would protect them from absolutely everything and it would not take me any time or effort to arrive, we will remove and accommodate them there.

What type of organizer best suits your needs? Check out these options to get you started planning your next order project at home.
1. Boxes

Organizing your shoes in boxes will be the best way to keep them away from any element that can damage them such as dust, humidity and even your pet. Make sure they are transparent boxes to make it easier for you to find the ones you want to use every day. You can put a label or a photo on the outside to identify them faster.

2. Trunk

The idea of ​​a trunk to store your shoes has a dual purpose; It can be an excellent decorative piece of furniture in your room and it will save you a lot of space when organizing.

3. Shelves

By placing a couple of shelves on your wall, you will feel that your room or dressing room is much larger and nothing will get in the way. You will give your shoes the necessary space so that they are well cared for and apart they will all be in your sight, which will be easy when choosing which ones, you want for your look for the day.

4. Separators

Dividing your shoes into small compartments is a great form of organization that will get them off the floor. It will force you to keep them accommodated always, I consider that this idea is perfect for smaller spaces.  You can hang it inside your wardrobe, behind the door, or in a small area on the wall.

I hope you implement some of these ideas in your home, your shoes deserve to be tidy and away from dust. Take care of them as much as they take care of you!

Thanks for reading, I wait for you in my next post with ideas that will help you keep any area of ​​your home well organized.

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