How to pack a suitcase with winter clothes

Packing a suitcase with winter clothes is always more complicated than in summer, because the clothes take up more space, it is difficult to decide what to take to protect yourself from the cold and if you have to take into account the restrictions of the airline, the matter is complicated quiet. In this article we are going to give you some guidelines on how to pack a suitcase with winter clothes. If you go on a trip, it will be very useful.

Steps to follow:

1. To prepare a good suitcase of winter clothes we recommend that you make a list of everything you will need taking into account the destination you are going to. Go writing down everything you think you will need, even classifying by garments (underwear, shoes, socks, pants …), if you write everything in advance, you can go reviewing the list as the trip approaches and clarify or fill with more things.

2. Once you have the list and what you need clear, we advise you to take clothes that can be overlapped. It is the best way to warm up and on top it takes up less space than a fleece sweater, for example. The decision of what warm clothes to wear is complicated and the possibility of making mistakes is very high, so it is best to wear versatile clothing with which you can adapt to different day and night temperatures.

3. As winter clothing takes up much more space in the suitcase, even if it is made of flexible fabric, it is advisable to use compression bags. If you use this type of bags, you can save space, being able to put even more clothes than you need. It is a somewhat laborious method but this way the clothes are more folded and compacted. Once you have the main clothes in bags, go placing them in the central part of the suitcase.

4. In your winter luggage, you cannot miss a folding umbrella or, at least, a raincoat in case the rain surprises you. Time is unpredictable, you just have to take the smallest possible and place it in the outer pocket. You should bring enough socks, tights, or tights, depending on your style of dress, but make sure you pack enough so you don’t get cold. Socks can be made into a ball with them and put between the holes of the suitcase just like underwear, taking advantage of all the spaces.

5. The footwear is also very important in winter baggage, you must use the appropriate, comfortable and especially cold insulation. This should be chosen based on the destination and what you plan to do there. You have to take into account the temperatures, rain, snow and if you are going to do a lot of physical activity. At least take two pairs, one on and the other in a bag and taking advantage of the free spaces inside the suitcase, or you can put it outside together with the umbrella.

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