How to play futsal

Futsal is a sport that requires a lot of effort, physical endurance and continuous movement, due to the need for players to constantly change position. It differs from football that is played in 11 against 11 on a natural grass pitch by the size of the ball, goal and field as well as by type of game. Both when attacking and defending it is important that the ball passes quickly from one side of the court to the other so that the opponent cannot get hold of it. The movement of footballers is favored by a suitable type of footwear that allows them not to slip on the hard court. Here we explain the key steps to play it.

Steps to follow:

1. Knowing how to play the ball well in tight spaces is essential since the court is not very wide and it is necessary to create gaps through precise passes.

2. Know how to dribble to create superiority and have more options for a direct attack towards the opponent’s goal.

3. Knowing how to exchange positions to widen the field and increase the possibility of attack.

4. Take advantage of direct fouls to shoot at goal.

5. Do not make many fouls since, once the rivals have reached five, they have a direct foul.

6. Continuously pass the ball between teammates so that the game is dynamic and you can confuse the opponent.

7. Run a lot throughout the game to cover all the spaces on the track.

8. Make frequent changes so that each player is always well rested when making the effort.

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