How to prepare the car for travel

Before starting a trip by car, it is essential to check our vehicle to make sure that everything is correct and thus prevent certain unforeseen events. In this way, it will be necessary to set up the car the days before leaving for the chosen destination. In this article we explain in more detail how to prepare your car for travel.

Steps to follow:

1. First of all, it should be noted that it is necessary to carry out periodic reviews of our vehicle to prevent possible breakdowns and problems in any part of our car. To do this, consult the manual or your mechanical workshop so that they recommend how many kilometers or time you should do a review.

2. Likewise, there are some elements that you will have to review indispensable before starting your trip by car. You can check them yourself at home or leave it to an automotive professional.

3. The tires will be one of the elements that need to pay more attention. To do this, you must check that the pressure is correct (it should always be checked with the car stopped and cold), as well as check that the wear is not excessive. You can see here how to perform tire maintenance.

4. In the same way, it will also be necessary to check the oil levels in your car. To do this, you will have to stop the car’s engine and let it cool so that the oil returns to its normal level, since the heat of the running engine causes the oil to heat up and expand. You can see in more detail the steps to follow to measure the oil level of your car.

5. It will be very important that you check the brakes of your car, since they are one of the most important elements of the vehicle and that can be a serious problem if they do not work well. Check the brake fluid, using the marks on the reservoir that contains it. Also check the brake pads and discs, through the side of the wheels. On this subject, you may be interested in how to keep the brakes in good condition.

6. Once the hood is open, you will also need to check other fluids like coolantwindshield washer and radiator water. We recommend using distilled water to prevent the lime in the water from damaging the engine of your vehicle. During the winter season, you should also make sure that you have antifreeze fluid.

7. On the other hand, before a car trip, you should also check that all the lights are working: position lights, high beams, low beams, fog lights, turn signals, etc. In case one is damaged, you will have to replace the bulb or find out what the problem is.

8. Make sure you also have certain essential elements in your vehicle such as:

  • Signaling triangles
  • Reflective vest (required by law)
  • Spare wheel
  • Basic tools

In this way, in the event of a breakdown, you can make it clear that your car has broken down without taking any risk.

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