How to remove small hairs from eyebrows

Within body care and body beauty, there are certain techniques that can be more difficult than others, especially when they are done for the first time, since they require some practice and knowledge if we do them at home on our own. One of them is hair removal, which can generate various doubts, both when choosing the most appropriate method for each one and for the body area, and when performing the technique in the best possible way.

One of the parts of our body that generates more problems during its waxing are the eyebrows, since many times the correct way to do it is unknown so that they are of a suitable size and thickness for our face and errors that are difficult to solve are not mentioned. such as the appearance of bald spots or leaving an eyebrow different from the other. You also have to take into account that the number of small hairs in them is very large. To solve these questions, here we explain how to remove small hairs from your eyebrows.

Why do you have to remove small hairs from your eyebrows?

The eyebrows are one of the most important parts of the face, since they have a fundamental function within it, apart from protecting the eyes. Aesthetically, they are responsible for framing the face, so that if they do not have an adequate shape, this has considerable consequences on our features. For this reason, it is important to do an adequate eyebrow waxing to the features of each one so that they define our face in the correct way.

This also includes those small hairs that appear just below, above or between the eyebrows, which due to their dark tone attract a lot of attention and affect the morphology of our eyebrows. In addition, it must be borne in mind that the smallest hairs are the most difficult to remove and a proper technique must be followed to be able to depilate them correctly.

Mistakes we make when plucking small eyebrow hairs

One of the biggest mistakes we make when plucking small eyebrow hairs is trying to pluck them together. It is much more complicated than removing them one by one and, in addition, you can remove others that you do not want to remove, so that it is easier for you to create bald spots along the eyebrow.

Another mistake is trying to wax them without first moistening the area where the hairs you want to remove are. It will be much more difficult, since the hairs, being so small, fully stick to the skin and the tweezers will not be able to grip them properly, so that you can hurt yourself in the area without achieving your goal.

A very common mistake is choosing the wrong way to wax to remove small hairs from the eyebrows. As a general rule, wax is not the most suitable method to remove this type of hair, since it works better with those that are larger. The thread is adequate as long as you have experience in its use and know how to perform the technique correctly, since if not, it will be very complicated. In short, the most appropriate way to remove these small hairs from your eyebrows is the tweezers even if you have to remove them one by one.

Correct technique to remove small hairs from eyebrows

To properly pluck small eyebrow hairs, first make sure you have a suitable tweezer, that it does not have frayed edges and that it helps you grip each hair firmly to avoid damaging yourself during the process.

Before starting, take a cotton pad or make-up removal pad and wet it with water. Pass it through the areas where the hairs are, so that they are wet and easily peel off the skin so that you can grasp them with the tweezers properly.

Hold the clamp between your index finger and your thumb (as if it were a pencil) and approach the tip of it to the edge of the hair. Grab it firmly and pull quickly. Thus, continue removing the small hairs present below your eyebrow, above and between the eyebrows, always respecting the shape of the eyebrow so that the formation of bald spots does not occur. Always do it one at a time.

When you’re done, wipe the treated areas with another cotton pad or makeup pad soaked in warm water to remove any remaining hair and to soothe the area.

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