How to repair car scratches

An error in the parking maneuver, a small accident or, simply, an anonymous ‘friend’ sometimes leave us a scratch on the car that, thanks to some products on the market, we can fix ourselves. Here we explain how to repair car scratches.

Steps to follow:

1. First of all, we must carefully consult the conditions of our insurance. Comprehensive policies include these types of repairs, so we can save this work.

2. If not, we prepare for the task. The first thing we have to do is clean the area of ​​the scratch well. A cloth soaked in water will suffice.

3. Next, we will have to set up the paint repairman that we can find in any specialized workshop. Obviously, it must be the same color as our car. We will shake it well so that the paint is in optimal condition before applying it.

4. We unscrew the lid and, on a piece of paper, let the first drop fall. Next, we apply with a firm line on the scratch, trying to keep the applicator in a vertical position, to avoid running out of paint during the application.

5. Now it is time to let the paint rest for 24 hours, if possible, in a closed place but with good ventilation.

6. After time, we will have to apply a polishing paste so that the area is ready. To do this, we will use a damp cloth and proceed by making light circles on the scratched surface.

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