How to stop being precocious

If you are reading these lines, it is probably because the fact of sleeping with someone and ejaculating a few moments after penetration has happened to you more than once. This sexual problem is popularly known as premature ejaculation and consists of the lack of control in the ejaculatory reflex , which is why semen is suddenly expelled shortly after penetration begins. This sexual dysfunction is more common than it seems, since according to a study carried out by the Spanish Association of Andrology, around 43% of Spanish men had had this problem at some point in their life.

Premature ejaculation is a problem that not only affects sexual relations, but can also have other consequences for the person who suffers from it, such as problems with self-esteem, anxiety and lack of sexual self-confidence, among others. For this reason, many men with this condition ask themselves: ” How to stop being precocious? ” In the following article we will give you some methods and tips that will help you control this sexual problem. Keep reading!

Methods to stop being precocious

Premature ejaculation is a sexual dysfunction that occurs when the man reaches orgasm in an uncontrolled way. Although we can go to the doctor to assign us some drugs to control this problem, we can also delay ejaculation during intercourse through a series of exercises. Next, we teach you how to stop being precocious with the following exercises:

Controlled masturbation

A very effective way to stop being premature little by little and control your ejaculations during sexual intercourse is to know the sensations that we have just before reaching orgasm, that is, that they indicate that we are about to expel semen. To do this, the best way to begin to identify these sensations is through masturbation.

Start masturbating as you usually do, trying to focus on all the sensations it causes you. When you start to feel the need to ejaculate, you will have to stop touching yourself and squeeze the part that is just below the glans with your thumb and index fingers until the sensation is reduced to continue masturbating. You will have to do this process 3 or 4 times and the next time you feel like ejaculating, don’t interrupt the process. Try to repeat this technique at least 1 time a day .

Kegel exercises

Kegel exercises are another of the best known methods to stop being premature and it consists of a technique where we exercise the pubococcygeal muscles to control the ejaculatory reflex.

Before you start practicing this technique, it is important that you identify your pelvic muscles . To do this, you will have to sit on the toilet when you have the urge to urinate and stop urinating to notice which muscle is producing it. Once you have it located, you will have to spend a couple of days each time you go to the bathroom stopping the flow a few times to master the technique.

Once you have controlled the technique in the bathroom, you will be able to do the Kegel exercises without having to go to the bathroom: squeeze the pubococcygeal muscles for a few seconds and then relax them. Perform 30 repetitions about 5 times a day to delay orgasm.

Sex positions to control ejaculation

In addition to the above methods, we can also delay the moment of orgasm through some sexual positions. Here are the best sexual positions to delay ejaculation:

  • The spoon : in this position the man will penetrate the woman from behind while they are lying on their side. Due to the fetal position, the penis cannot fully penetrate the vagina, so orgasm and ejaculation may be delayed.
  • The jellyfish : in this position the woman will be on top of the man while he is seated with his legs bent. As with the one we have explained previously, the jellyfish is a position where there is less friction during penetration, making it easier to control orgasm.
  • The fusion : in this posture, the woman will also be on top of the man, but this time he will lie down looking up. This pose is also ideal to control ejaculation, since on the one hand, the man is in a totally relaxed position, and on the other hand, the woman is the one who will set the rhythm of intercourse.

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How to stop being precocious – home remedies

In addition to the above tips, we can also include some of the following home remedies to stop being premature:

  • Garlic : garlic is a vegetable that has different acids and antioxidants, which gives it excellent circulatory properties that will help us maintain a more moderate heart rate during our sexual encounters. Consume it in any of your meals or as an infusion.
  • Linden infusion : linden is an excellent plant to delay ejaculation, since its sedative properties will make us feel much more relaxed during sexual intercourse. Consume it 2 times a day.
  • Chamomile infusion : like linden, this medicinal plant has sedative properties that reduce anxiety levels, making us feel calmer during sex. Consume this infusion 2 times a day.

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