How to take care of the car in summer

In the same way that we prepare the car for winter, with the arrival of summer and high temperatures it is also necessary to make a tune-up. Also, during this time of year travel and car trips increase, so it will be essential to check your car before a long trip. Carrying out the proper maintenance of your vehicle will save you more than one unforeseen event, as well as a significant amount of money that can lead to unexpected breakdowns. In this article we explain in detail how to take care of your car in summer.

Steps to follow:

1. First of all, it should be noted that it is necessary to carry out periodic reviews of our vehicle to prevent possible breakdowns and problems in any part of our car. To do this, consult the manual or your mechanical workshop so that they recommend how many kilometers or time you should do a review. We will tell you in this other article how to do a basic revision of the car.

2. When the summer season and high temperatures arrive, it will be essential to check the vehicle’s cooling systems to prevent it from getting too hot and can lead to serious problems.

3. Likewise, it will also be necessary to carry out the tuning of the air conditioning or air conditioning system, to be able to cope with the heat when we travel. To do this, go to your mechanical workshop to check if it is necessary to recharge the refrigerant gas, which is responsible for cooling the vehicle through a compression circuit. In case it does not work, we suggest you consult Why the car air conditioning does not cool where you will find some possible causes.

4. The tires will be another element that should pay more attention. To do this, you must check that the pressure is correct (it should always be checked with the car stopped and cold), as well as check that the wear is not excessive. You can see here how to perform tire maintenance.

5. You should also open the hood of your car and thus check all the fluids: oil levels, brake fluid, windshield wiper water. And it is that these can evaporate due to the summer heat, so you should make sure they are at the appropriate levels.

6. When parking the vehicle, it is recommended that you park in the shade as much as possible, since sometimes it is impossible to choose parking. In this way, you will prevent the car from being so hot when you start again and you will also help the paint and bodywork not to deteriorate so much from the sun.

7. In the same way, during the summer the use of parasols is recommended, which will reduce the effects of the sun’s rays. This small action will be effective to reduce the interior temperature of the vehicle, as well as to avoid getting burned with the steering wheel when resuming the march.

8. During the summer, car trips increase, as well as long trips for vacations. That is why we recommend that you prepare the car before traveling and thus save yourself from unforeseen events and troubles.

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