How to take care of your car in winter

During the winter, especially if we do not have a closed garage and the place where we live reaches very low temperatures, our car will require special care in order to keep it in good condition. These cares cover both maintenance issues and the use we make of the vehicle. Here we explain how to take care of your car in winter.

Steps to follow:

1. Especially if the car spends the night outside in very low temperatures, when we start the engine, we must allow a few minutes to pass before starting off. The objective is to allow time for all the fluids that guarantee the proper functioning of the engine to reach the appropriate temperature to perform their function.

2. Given the high probability that we will have to use the windshield wipers due to the rain, we have to do a good maintenance of them, so that when we need them, they work perfectly. Otherwise, before a waterspout we could have many problems due to poor visibility.

3. The car battery will also suffer a lot during the winter, so to deal with it we recommend that we go to our trusted workshop to check that its condition is adequate.

4. The tires are the only contact with the ground and must be of sufficient quality to remain flexible despite the low winter temperatures and to maintain grip despite the rain. In this article we explain how to choose the tires for your car.

5. Another basic check that we must do in our car for the winter is the antifreeze liquid, since the ice would cause lethal damage to the engine.

6. Throughout the year, but especially in winter, we must have the car lights in perfect condition, both to see ourselves and to be visible to other cars on the road.

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