How to tie a balloon

Although it may seem like the simplest thing in the world, tying a newly inflated balloon a knot sometimes leads to a problem or two. If you are one of those people who has a hard time doing it, if you make a mess with your hands and in the end the air in the balloon ends up escaping, take note. In this article you will learn how to tie a balloon, and here we give you practical solutions to everyday problems.

Steps to follow:

1. To tie a balloon properly you can follow a couple of methods. Pay attention to the following tips.

2. First, for both cases, inflate your balloon in such a way that you leave an airless space right in the part of the mouthpiece. If you have inflated it too much, release a little air and grasp the mouthpiece with your fingers.

3. Keep your thumb holding the mouthpiece, preventing more air from coming out. With your other fingers, stretch the neck of the mouthpiece several times. This will ensure that it is long enough to tie the knot. In case you see that this is not the case, release a little more air and repeat the operation.

4. Then stretch the neck again and wrap it between your index and middle fingers. Do it with the hand that is most comfortable for you. Then, pass the tip of the mouthpiece between the space left by the rolled neck between your fingers.

5. With the other hand, just stretch the neck and finish the knot. You already have your balloon ready! Remember that you can also do it by following this second method. Pay attention:

6. Once you have your balloon inflated (as we have seen in the first method) and you are already holding it by the neck of the nozzle, stretch it and make a kind of ring or circle with your index and middle fingers as a reference.

7. Next, insert the tip of the neck of the nozzle in the middle of the circle that you have created and stretch it quickly. Ready! With this simple trick you will have managed to tie your balloon and have it perfect to hang or play with.

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