How to travel without a credit card

The credit card is a basic tool when traveling around the world. It allows you to pay anywhere or withdraw money in the currency of the place where we are. But what happens when the credit card fails or, for whatever reason, we cannot use it during our trip? Do not despair. There are alternatives to using a credit card to travel. Here, we explain how to travel without a credit card.

Steps to follow:

1. The first way to travel with money and without a credit card, and the most traditional, so to speak, is to carry the money that we will need in cash. You can take it both in your currency and in the local currency.

2. Mind you, be careful with cash when you travel as if it is your only source of currency, so to speak, a robbery can be fatal. Do not always carry all the money you have with you and use the safes that many hotel rooms offer to keep some.

3. You can also keep the money in different wallets and in different places (a little in your bag, a little in a pocket, and better inside than outside, etc.) to avoid losing everything in a robbery.

4. Remember, if you travel with your currency and need to change to a local currency, that the commissions of the exchange offices of the airports are higher. It is true that it is very convenient to arrive and exchange money, but it may be worth waiting a bit.

5. The second way to travel without a credit card, at least if you are going to move through the state territory, is to use the usual savings book. That is, withdraw money at the window of your bank in your destination.

6. The third way to travel without a credit card is to resort to travelers checks or travelers checks. Some Spanish banks offer this service with both American Express and Visa.

7. Traveler’s checks are a slightly more vintage option but are still just as effective. They are spread out for fixed amounts and are backed and protected by the issuing entities.

8. With traveler’s checks you can both pay at different establishments (in tourist areas they usually accept them) and exchange them at other collaborating banking entities for cash.

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