How to use baking soda to straighten hair

Well known are the uses of sodium bicarbonate as a remedy to treat some non-serious ailments, as well as for beauty and aesthetics, such as to remove stains from teeth. Its uses in this last field go further. Baking soda is also very useful for hair. In fact, it is very effective in removing impurities from the hair, which accumulate on the scalp due to continued or excessive use of dyes, lacquers or foams, among others. Its use is also a very effective trick when it comes to helping to eliminate dandruff or oil. But there is another mode of use that is perhaps less well known, despite being very useful.

Properties of baking soda to straighten hair

Sodium bicarbonate smoothie’s hair because what it does is an exfoliating effect, that is, it manages to eliminate impurities that accumulate in the hair and that, many times, make it frizzier or with some unwanted waves.

The accumulation of impurities makes it more difficult for the hair to be completely straight because it creates a kind of layer on the scalp, which also makes it necessary to work more and more with the dryer, brushes or iron to remove and frizz from the hair.

This layer is just the one that removes the baking soda. In this way, the hair is freed of those impurities that, in some cases, can even be considered as toxic active ingredients for the hair because they damage the hair fibers, especially if they are not given additional care when they are used very frequently. dyes become permanent or styling products are abused.

Its benefits are even greater because sodium bicarbonate is a powerful hair softener, which in turn helps it to be smoother because it does not produce the volume effect.

How to use baking soda to straighten hair

Once we know the benefits of baking soda to show off straight hair, let’s talk about how to use baking soda to straighten hair because it is important to do it well so that the effect you want is really achieved.

The process is very simple and, in addition, you only need a little baking soda, which you surely have at home or it is easy to get it. If you do not have it, it can be found in any establishment or supermarket. Once you have purchased it, you can start applying it, so it is recommended that you follow these steps:

  • Dampen your hair.
  • Take some baking soda and moisten it with a little water to create a kind of thick paste.
  • Spread this solution through your hair as if you were washing your head and massage with a peelingor exfoliating effect.
  • Then, rinse all the hair with plenty of water so that not a single trace of baking soda remains.
  • Although you can use warm water to rinse your hair, it is best to always finish with a stream of cold water.

With these steps, you no longer have to do anything else because your hair will be straight. Also, it is better that you do not use dryers or irons. You can perfectly let it dry naturally. This remedy is advisable to use it 1 time every 15 days.

In this article you can learn more details about How to wash your hair with baking soda.

How to Make Baking Soda Shampoo to Straighten Hair

In addition to applying the baking soda directly on the hair, there are other alternatives on how to straighten the hair with baking soda. The key is to make a shampoo with it. The process can also be done at home and is very easy and fast to do. To make bicarbonate shampoo to straighten hair you need:


  • Some baking soda.
  • Mild shampoo, which can be the one you use to wash your hair regularly. It is important that it does not contain parabens because they are not beneficial for the hair.

Preparation and treatment

When you have the two products, you just have to mix them well and use the resulting mixture as you use a common shampoo. The rest of the process is the same as with the remedy that we have told you in the previous section on how to straighten hair with baking soda. That is, it only remains to rinse the hair with plenty of water. And that’s it.

Contraindications of using baking soda to straighten hair

Although bicarbonate is effective to straighten hair, it also has some contraindications because, if it is abused, it can damage the hair. And it is that it eliminates impurities, but also the natural fat from the hair, which is necessary for the hair to be shiny and in perfect condition, being a natural protection of the skin that avoids health problems in the scalp. For the same reason, the abuse of the use of bicarbonate can produce dry hair.

It is recommended that you leave this solution for emergencies or that, at least, do not apply the baking soda on the hair more than we have indicated.

With these tips on how to use baking soda to straighten your hair, we hope i have helped you to know these tricks so that you can apply them. Remember to always consult a hair expert or your hairdresser for the best way to straighten it without damaging it.


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