How to write the date in English

Writing well in English is as important as speaking it correctly and to achieve this it is essential to know some very basic things in order to work the language well and gain fluency to communicate well. One of the most basic things we must learn to write in English is the date.

If you have doubts about how to correctly write a date in this language so widespread throughout the world, continue reading this article and discover how to write the date in English.

The date in English

It is not easy for many people to learn how to spell the date in English correctly, as it is spelled differently from many other languages. To do it well we must know how ordinal numbers, days of the week and months are written correctly in English. There is more than one structure for the date in English, which changes depending on the English-speaking area in which we are. The correct ways, both short and long, to write the date in English are as follows:

10/14/2016 (UK English)

10/14/2016 (American English)

14 October 2016

Friday, October 14, 2016

Friday, October 14th, 2016

In the first short way of writing the date we see that only numbers are used and that the order is: day / month / year. On the other hand, in the second short form the order changes: month / day / year.

The formal way to write the date in English is the long forms. There are three long ways to spell the date correctly in English:

  • The first form is the simplest and follows the cardinal number order of the day / month written with letters / year.
  • The second-long form consists of putting the day of the week / month in letters and the cardinal number of the day / year.
  • The third long form, and also the most formal, follows the order of the day of the week / month in letters and ordinal number of the day / year.

It is important to note that in the forms that include the day of the week, Friday in this case, commas are used to separate the day of the week and the year from the rest of the date.

Things to consider when reading and writing the date in English

When reading the date in English it is important to think that the number accompanied by an abbreviation is read as an ordinal number such as, for example, first when we see 1st. Instead, the year of a date is read as a cardinal number as, for example, when we see 2004, we read it as two thousand and four.

When we include the date in a text, we must bear in mind how prepositions are used for dates in English. If we want to write months or years, we will use the preposition in (you bought it in 2013), on the other hand if we want to express a day of the month we must write on (you bought it on 16th of January).

Basic words to write the date in English

To be able to correctly rewrite the date in English it is necessary to know how to spell some basic words and numbers. For example, it is vital to know how the days of the week are written in English and keep in mind that they are always capitalized.

In addition, we must know how ordinal numbers are written in English and we must know that in long dates the abbreviated form is used, that is, the number is written and then the abbreviation of the ordinal number “the” or “set”.

We must also know how the months are written in English and that, like the days of the week, they are written in capital letters.

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