The best tips to save on your trips

Every time we travel more frequently. Thanks, above all to the Internet and the facilities it offers when looking for flights, finding accommodation or even discovering new destinations, facilities have skyrocketed for all those who carry a very strong traveler spirit within them. This is fostering notable growth in the sector, something that benefits both those who travel and those who offer such trips.

But in all this traveling and getting to know new places there is a key factor: savings. If for something the trips that are made nationally and internationally are increasing, it is because it is much cheaper to do this than in the past. There are no longer so many complications and, thanks to the Internet, it is possible to save much more both on plane or train tickets and on accommodation.

Even so, with all these facilities it is possible to lose yourself with so much choice and not save as much as you could if you did things completely right. Therefore, we are going to explain how to save the most on your trips. In this article we offer you some small but important tips and advice that will help you to travel even more, and without having to fear for your wallet.

7 tips to save on your trips

Of all the possible recommendations, these 7 tips to save when traveling are the ones that will help you the most when you decide to encourage yourself to travel the world.

  • Pick a good card.
  • Think about the dates well.
  • Stopover flights? Yes.
  • Weigh your suitcase once it is full.
  • Try alternative accommodations.
  • Always compare prices.
  • Look for days with free activities.

Pick a good card

When you travel abroad, especially to countries where your currency is not accepted, it is ideal to have a good bank card with which you can buy or pay anything without inconvenience. Some banks offer the possibility of operating with their cards easily, but adding some very painful commissions for currency exchange and operation.

Meditate the dates well

Once you have thought well about the destination, you must choose well when to travel. The high and low seasons cause huge price changes in all services, especially flights and stays, and that is something that you should seriously value. Try to travel in low season and away from the weekends, as this will get you the lowest prices.

The savings with this is enormous, so it must be one of those rules that you have to respect as much as possible. Remember it when you go to take your vacation days.

Stopover flights? Yes

Another way to save when going to another country on your trip is to look for flights with stopovers. Although the destination is not too far away and there are options to get there directly, these flights that require stopping at other airports are always cheaper, since they involve spending more time traveling.

It may be a greater sacrifice for that need of having to invest more in what the journey itself is in order to get where you want to go, but it is also a greater saving in every way.

Weigh your suitcase once full

If you are already clear about everything you are going to take with you on your trip, spend some time weighing your suitcase to see how much it will finally reach. If it does not exceed 10 kilograms and its dimensions are not too large, you will not need to check your luggage, saving much more when it comes to getting your flight ticket.

Airlines do not charge for carrying hand luggage and, in addition, they always allow a backpack or a small bag to be added to that suitcase. With both, you will have more than enough for a week-long trip, without going any further.

Try alternative accommodations

The usual thing when you travel is to stay in a hotel and forget about the rest, but today there are many more options if you want to have a good place to rest and save as much as possible.

Take a look at the alternative accommodation provided by the Internet, you will find some very interesting proposals.

Always compare prices

This is the golden rule. Never pay or book anything without first comparing prices and options with other platforms. For example, it is a very bad idea to stay with a flight that seems very cheap from the first moment, since last-minute offers or even other rates from other airlines that also serve you may appear.

The same can be said for accommodation and any other large expenses related to your trip. Before making a decision, compare.

Look for days with free activities

Wherever you go, especially if you are going to do cultural tourism, we advise you to look at what days free activities are held and where. Some museums open certain days of the week without charge, and the same happens with any tour or route that can be done. Take a look before you take the plunge and square your calendar.

Have you taken note? When you start planning your next trip, put all this into practice and you will see the difference.

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